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Arriving at a convenient hour for the patient, laboratory specialists quickly, painlessly and safely produce a biosecure material.
About NCE
The Republican State Enterprise on the right of economic management "National Center of Expertise" of the Public Health Protection Committee of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan carries out activities in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population. NEC is a system with a wide branch network that covers the whole territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our center is aimed at constant improvement of sanitary and epidemiological expertise,
reduction of research terms, ensuring accurate and reliable results for public health needs, as well as ensuring timeliness of anti-epidemic and preventive measures. The center strives to ensure the safety of life and health of labor for the population. The center seeks to increase the professionalism of its employees, providing the necessary working conditions.
News and events
In the Republican state enterprise on the right of economic management "National Center of Expertise" under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the results of activity of regional branches for 9 months of 2017 are summed up.
During the meeting, there was a discussion of current issues concerning the activities of each branch. The presentation of each director of the branch was accompanied by a further discussion of the results of their work, as well as questions and comments from the participants of the meeting.
Employees of the branch of the National Expertise Center of Almaty organized a mass marathon.
According to the organizers, the marathon itself is aimed at popularizing a healthy lifestyle and sport. Through such activities, the company's main priority is the unity of the team.
A huge rat bitten a sleeping resident of the city of Almaty
According to Zhanara’s words, she did not even suspect that a rat could bite her. The woman has been renting an apartment in Almaty for a long time, but she faces this problem for the first time.
Volleyball and football competition
Annually National Expertise Center conducts volleyball and football sports events.
The Kazakhs began to check whether their sellers were deceiving them
Mobile laboratory can be found in the markets and shopping centers of Almaty, however, always different. Purchased products, for example, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, honey and other townspeople can bring to the laboratory. Examination is done literally within five to ten minutes, after which it becomes clear - whether to eat the purchased goods.