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Useful publications

What are semi-finished products made of?
Из чего делают полуфабрикаты? 06.11.2019

Nowadays, semi-finished products are a real lifesaver for many housewives, but still you should carefully think about whether the ones you buy are harmful to your family.

For example, take dumplings ...

We think we know what they are prepared from: of course, from meat, flour and water. It seems to be much simpler, but some producers of “easy” ways are not looking.

So, instead of meat, they sometimes add - a mixture of soybean powder, pork skin (here also cartilage and veins) and beef fat. The volume of "minced meat" increases significantly due to the addition of water, and after adding flavor enhancers and flavorings, then such "minced meat" will surely be called "meat" by the manufacturer. And if there is meat in the semi-finished product, then their percentage ratio may be minimal.

So will there be harm from the consumption of such semi-finished products? The answer is obvious.