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Useful publications

Some facts about ventilation
Некоторые факты о вентиляции 30.10.2019

In the process, the hood and air conditioner tend to be covered with fatty deposits and dust, which can hide various viruses and parasites.

The pathogens that accumulate in this plaque have a negative effect on people in the room. This effect is especially strongly felt if air conditioning is installed in a residential apartment or at the place of permanent work.

Inhaling poorly cleaned or even infected air, a person may feel bad, begin to feel weak, his head may hurt.

In buildings with uncleaned ventilation, the air is much dirtier than the street: it can have up to 6 times more pollution, in addition, it is 10 times more toxic than the atmosphere outside.

It is dangerous to leave dirt in the ventilation ducts owned by a medical facility or company related to human nutrition. In this case, the risk of microbes entering the tools and equipment is added. After that, microorganisms will begin to multiply actively, which will lead to unsanitary conditions and nullify all efforts to maintain cleanliness.

A large amount of dust is an ideal source of fire. One spark or focused sunlight is enough to start a fire.

All air conditioners have filters that need to be cleaned from time to time. Some filters need to be cleaned every two to three weeks, some once every three months, others only once every six months. Moreover, some can be cleaned independently, for others you need to call a specialist. When buying climate equipment, be sure to ask the seller about these nuances. All air conditioners external and internal need to be prevented. When you need to invite the master for inspection, you should be told when buying.

In order for the air in the room to be not only fresh, but also clean, it is necessary to periodically disinfect the ventilation. This allows you to improve the microclimate of the apartment or office and protect people from possible viruses and bacteria, and objects from excessive moisture, fungus and mold.

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