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Expert opinion for the state registration

Expert opinion is a document that certifies the sanitary-hygienic and epidemiological safety of the products declared by the entrepreneur.

Scientific report - a document containing a detailed description of the methodology, the course of research products, the results, as well as the conclusions obtained as a result of scientific research.

Obtaining a scientific report and an expert opinion are mandatory when conducting state registration and re-registration in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Union.

Examination of the following types of goods:

  • Food products;
  • Mineral water;
  • Dietary supplements;
  • Products for children;
  • Perfume and cosmetic products;
  • Personal hygiene items;
  • Household chemical goods;
  • Construction Materials.

Your benefits

  • prompt receipt of quality services from qualified specialists;
  • increase the image and competitiveness of your company;
  • The possibility of increasing the sale of goods declared in expert opinion in the territory of the Customs Union;
  • increasing the chances of obtaining a particular state order.


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