Examination of subjects and environmental factors

Sanitary and chemical analyzes:

Sanitary, hygienic, and toxicological studies:

  • Children’s products and toys;
  • Household chemical goods;
  • Perfumery and cosmetic products;
  • Polymeric materials in contact with food and water;
  • Light and textile industry products;
  • building materials;
  • Furniture;
  • Air in the working area and atmospheric air;
  • Vegetables and fruits.

Measurements of electromagnetic fields and other physical factors:

  • Measurements of illumination;
  • Measurements of microclimate parameters;
  • Measurements of electromagnetic fields and other physical factors;
  • Radiation measurements.

Bacteriological analysis:

  • Washings from the surface of objects on bacteria;
  • Bacteriological studies of air, food and water;
  • Research of perfumery and cosmetic products;
  • Research of biomaterials on various bacteria carriers.

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