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Arriving at a convenient hour for the patient, laboratory specialists quickly, painlessly and safely produce a biosecure material.
About NCE
The Republican State Enterprise on the right of economic management "National Center of Expertise" of the Public Health Protection Committee of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan carries out activities in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population. NEC is a system with a wide branch network that covers the whole territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our center is aimed at constant improvement of sanitary and epidemiological expertise,
reduction of research terms, ensuring accurate and reliable results for public health needs, as well as ensuring timeliness of anti-epidemic and preventive measures. The center strives to ensure the safety of life and health of labor for the population. The center seeks to increase the professionalism of its employees, providing the necessary working conditions.
News and events
"Quality products - the guarantee of health" action
March 15 is the World Day of Consumer Rights Protection. In honor of this day "National Center for Expertise" in cooperation with the Department of the Committee on Consumer Protection held an action entitled "Quality products - the guarantee of health" throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Atyrau entrepreneurs received certificates of sanitary-epidemiological audit completion
Amantay Zhumagaliyev, deputy head of Atyrau region CRDD (Consumer’s Rights Defense Department): "In addition to the existing basic form of validation, the essence of which is to implement the state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, promising forms of control over observance by business entities of sanitary legislation are the organization and carrying out sanitary-epidemiological audit on the initiative of entrepreneurs."
Seminar on especially dangerous infections
During the event, experts were familiarized with NEM RK orders from 25.02.2015. №131 «Sanitary-epidemiological requirements to the organization and conduct of sanitary and anti-epidemic (preventive) measures for the prevention of infectious diseases (plague, cholera)," and №136 from 25.02.2015.
A sanitary-epidemiological examination of children's gift sets was held in the Karaganda region.
According to the results of examination of the 10 products tested samples revealed 3 samples that do not meet microbiological performance.
A third of products’ samples selected for research in 2015 does not comply with the technical standards.
In November 2015, through the implementation of products’ safety monitoring, the comitee has chosen 3835 samples of products, of which: