Международное сотрудничество национального центра экспертизы

From July 17 to July 22, 2017, the General Director of the RSE of the REM "National Center of Expertise" of the Committee for Protection of Public Health of the Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan Balykbaev K.O. took part in the 40th Commission of the Codex Alimentarius in Geneva, Switzerland.

731 delegates from 187 countries took part in the meeting.

At this session, Kazakhstan was announced the Chairman of the Codex Alimentarius Coordination Committee in the European Region from July 2017 for two years with the possibility of re-election for an additional two years.

Chairmanship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Commission will allow Kazakhstan to integrate into the global economy and play a significant role in the development of norms and rules, recommendations on compliance with standards, make a significant contribution to protecting public health and conducting fair trade.

For further active participation in the work of the code and the coordination of state bodies and private organizations on the procedures of the Code, it is proposed to create an Office based on the Center