Research results of the parasitological laboratory in West Kazakhstan region
Результаты исследований паразитологической лаборатории по ЗКО 10.10.2023

In the West Kazakhstan region, ascaris eggs were discovered during a study of soil, water from open reservoirs and vegetables.

Over the course of 9 months, 2,560 samples were delivered to the parasitological laboratory of the branch of the National Center of Expertise for the West Kazakhstan Region to identify pathogens of parasitic diseases, for which 3,355 studies were carried out.

During the study, positive results were revealed in 36 samples, of which roundworm roundworm eggs were found in 8 samples. Most often, positive samples were detected in soil and vegetables that were taken from ascariasis foci.

The causative agent of ascariasis is round worms of different sexes. Roundworms are quite large parasites. Males can reach a length of 25 cm with a thickness of 2–4 mm. Females are even larger - up to 40 cm with a thickness of 3–6 mm.

Infection usually occurs if a person does not observe personal hygiene rules, consumes unwashed vegetables, berries, fruits and raw water from open sources.