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A third of products’ samples selected for research in 2015 does not comply with the technical standards.
Треть отобранных в 2015 году для исследования проб продукции, не соответствуют Техническим регламентам. 15.02.2016

In November 2015, through the implementation of products’ safety monitoring, the comitee has chosen 3835 samples of products, of which:

food products 1634/324;

products for children 1051/190;

perfumes and cosmetics 233/27;

household products 646/10;

polymeric, synthetic and other materials 170/6;

materials for the product (s) in contact with human skin, clothes, shoes 47/25;

materials, products and equipment that come into contact with food 32/15.

As a result of violations detected, 147 instructions to rectify discovered violations of Kazakhstan Republic legislation have been issued to business entities with the corresponding explanations.68 verifications and 1 unscheduled inspection against 3 persons have been carried out.

24 administrative cases have been opened against business entities for late or improper execution of orders.

Totally 12598 product samples has been selected and studied during 11 months of the year, from which 3475 or 28.0% of samples were found to be not in conformity with the technical regulations. The main share of non-conforming products is on food.

Thus, out of 8674 tested samples 2853 items or 33.0% does not meet the requirements, of which poultry meat - 57%, meat products - 35%, dairy products - 34.2%, confectionery products - 17%, fat-and-oil products, juices and alcohol- 10%.

Of the total number of non-conforming products, 28% do not meet sanitary, epidemiological and hygienic requirements (the presence of pathogenic organisms (of Salmonella), E. coli, yeast), 26% products fallaciously claimed for consumers’ (the presence of pig’s DNA and discrepancy of stated properties), 46% had broken markings (no conformity mark or no information on the state language).

A significant proportion of nonconforming dairy and poultry accounted for: the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, the Kyrgyz Republic (though KR has recently gained momentum on the discrepancy of supplied products), up to 1% is from Latvia, USA, Turkey, Moldova, Georgia, France, Uzbekistan, etc. As a result of violations detected, 1102 instructions to rectify discovered violations of Kazakhstan Republic legislation have been issued to business entities with obligatory explanation of the elimination procedure.

236 administrative cases have been sent to court for late or improper execution of orders.

As a result of legal proceedings 171 perpetrators has been brought to administrative responsibility, in the amount of 38.2 million tenge, and with temporary suspension of activities for 107 economic entities. 1165.9 tons of nonconforming products in the amount of 13.4 million tenge have been seized from the implementation.

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