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A sanitary-epidemiological examination of children's gift sets was held in the Karaganda region.
В Карагандинской области провели санитарно-эпидемиологическую экспертизу детских подарочных наборов. 15.02.2016

According to the results of examination of the 10 products tested samples revealed 3 samples that do not meet microbiological performance.

Thus, in the chocolate candies from a set of sweets "Christmas box" number 3-5 "Happy New Year" production date 15.09.2015, the production of "Konfety Karagandy", Karaganda, 86 Gogol str., was found excess of mold.

The sponge cake with chocolate cream and apricot jam from a set of chocolates "Hamle "La Dolce Vita", production date 01.08.2015, production of: LLP "Hamle" Com, LTD, Almaty region, Kaskelen, the index of microbial contamination was exceeding for 3 times. In a set of chocolates "Happy train" in chocolate candy with filling, production date 02.10.2015, the production of "Rakhat", Almaty, was found excess of mold.

On the facts of non-compliance with safety requirements of products held unscheduled inspection of objects that implement the above-mentioned products, the results of which were brought to administrative responsibility with a fine LLP "Lyudmila KZ" supermarket "Ayan" in the amount of 79280 tenge (40 MCI), LLP "Prodtovari-37" in the amount of 39640 tenge (20 MCI), as well as a manufacturer of the not corresponding products JSC "Konfety Karagandy" in the amount of 237840 tenge (120 MCI).

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