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Pesticides - not dangerous if they are used wisely and enough, told the Center of national expertise
Пестициды – не опасны, если их применяют разумно и достаточно, рассказали в Центре национальной экспертизы 24.08.2018

Residual pesticides, nitrates metals - all this can be contained in the soil and in products and household items. Exceeding the content of products in any of these items can adversely affect human health. There is a list of pesticides authorized for use in our region – just to check the researchers made sure that they were used, first, permitted chemicals, and secondly, in reasonable quantities that do not cause harm.

    – In total, about five hundred types of various chemicals and fertilizers are allowed to be used in the country, in East Kazakhstan the inspection is carried out according to 46 names, - explained the head of the laboratory of the center of national expertise on East Kazakhstan region Irina Sytenko. - Usually for such checks we are approached by representatives of farms.  

In the water the chemicals most likely to be when there is melting ice, ground water was found granosan – mercury-containing pesticide.

Research on metals and nitrates is subject to all fruit and vegetable products, wine and vodka products.

    - In the first quarter of this year in flour of the known brand iron was revealed, and in children's toys cadmium is found, – noted in laboratory.  

You should also be afraid of exotic fruits, nitrates are found in papaya, avocado and pineapples. By the way, not quite clean and local products, experts do not advise to get involved in early radishes and onions. But tomatoes and cucumbers can be consumed all year round, for several years of research of harmful substances in these vegetables was not found.

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